Graffiti Hip Hop Hover Kart



Transform your balance board into a Go-Kart with an Official Gift Gadgets Hoverkart in a matter of moments with the all-in-one attachment frame. Fits balance boards up to 10 inches, with a simple adjustable frame. Attach simply with hoverkart straps and push the levers to get karting! The hoverkart comes with a full
set of ready to install straps, adhesive pads, racing-inspired seat. The Gift Gadgets hoverkart is made for children and adults allowing a maximum weight user of 100kg. Ultimate awesome-looking graffiti seat stands out with the best hoverkart.


Comfortable Hoverkart:
Comfort and foot pedals to suit any rider of any height. Comfortable seating contours to your legs and back for ultimate comfort. Instead of standing on the hoverboard, kids can seat and use hand to control the direction, speed and make a left or right turn, they can make all the move they want. Riding with confidence.

Fun And Safe:
Attach a hoverkart to a board, turn the board into a fantastic Go-Kart. The hover seat is also much safer, as it offers riders far more control and less injury risk than just riding a hoverboard. Absolutely a nice gift for kids.

Adjustable Frame:
Adjustable Frame Length / Seat Position, the length of the bearing bar can be adjusted, fixed by a big screw, more convenient to adjust. Lightweight the hoverkart attachment is only 6kg, it suits both children and adults. Easy to transport even with a dead battery.

Easy To Control:
With basic control leavers, you can easily control the movement of your scooters; forwards, backward, and left/right and the ability to perform 360 degree spins on the spot, pull wheelies, and even drift! Don’t Wait to race with your friends with this awesome Single strut frame with the race-style seat.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 25 cm
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