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Add a boost of swag to your travels with the AhaTech Folding Electric Bike or Portable E-Bike! Reinforced with quality materials and a long-lasting battery, this electric bicycle is the answer to revamping your everyday commute. From major cities to country sides, this spectacular e-bike can take you just about anywhere. Twist the throttle and speed just over 25km/h as you race to class with power assist or break a sweat as you pedal through your morning errands. The AhaTech Folding Electric Bike (hybrid bike) packs enough punch to last up to blasting 70km on just power alone or, for even more distance, start pedaling. Go full throttle then change to pedaling or switch between the two at intervals for a great workout, with the AhaTech e-bike you can ride whenever and however you want. Ultimately, this folding electric bike weighs 21 kg and features a triple-fold design allows for extreme portability. Stow your bicycle inside trunks, subways, closets, or any compact space. Traveling up flights of stairs? Easy! Unlike most hefty adult bikes, the AhaTech E Bike is light enough to accommodate residents living on the fifth floor and travelers always on the go. Grab adventure by the handlebars or enjoy the passenger side of this modern day luxury hybrid bicycle. With AhaTech, get the best in men bikes, ladies bikes, and so much more.

Limitless Riding

Turn on the power and twist the throttle to engage the e-bike’s power assist mode. This mode makes the AhaTech ebike a great commuter bike that’s sure to add an extra boost to expedite your daily commutes, especially for those uphill struggles. This way, you can get your heart pumping as you pedal to work and then use the throttle to cruise your way back home. Plus, with a rechargeable li-ion battery, traverse up to 70km of blissful commutes and adventures on power alone then pedal for even more distance. Use one after the other to extend your travel distance or even use both at intervals for a new way to exercise. Ride the AhaTech electric scooter bike any way you want!

Bigger, Faster, and Better

Lithium Ion Battery with Intelligent Protection

14” inch Electric Bike (V5)

18650 Lithium Ion Battery

Aluminum Alloy Body Frame Assures Durability

400W Electric Power Motor

  • Dimensions: 105x50x101cm
  • Rated Power: 400W
  • Capacity: 15Ah
  • Product Weight: 21kg

The Electric Bike That Rules

14″ Air Tires

The Air 14″ tires are the perfect size for commuting and act as a shock absorb as you cruise through bumpy city streets.


Features quick-disconnect power lines that are fully removable for quick and easy maintenance. Taking your e bike to the shop to change out the tires or just for general maintenance will be a breeze!

Easy to Transport

Why leave your precious cargo locked outside on the streets when you can safely tuck it under your desk? Simply collapse its stem, bend its frame, and fold its pedals to stow your foldable bike in any compact space. Whether you live in a third story apartment or run on a tight schedule, the AhaTech e-bike folding bike can fit perfectly in.

Technical Specifications

Stalk Aluminium alloy
Deck Aluminium
Rated Power 400W
Speed Modes 3
Max Speed 25 km/h
Max Range 70km
Charging time 3-4 hours
Tyre type Air Tyre
Tyre size 14 inch
Brake Disc
Display LED backlit
Lights LED
Weight 21kg
Weight Capacity 120kg
Lithium battery 48V 15Ah
Colour Black

Endless Possibilities

Digital Display

Easy to manage handle bar display allows you to:

  • View Speed
  • View Battery Life
  • Turn On Headlight

Comfortable Grip

AhaTech electric Bike Scooter have most comfortable grip, hands will not get tired even after long ride.

Folding Frame

The AhaTech Electric Bike Frame folds down and locks for easy storage. Lightweight electric Bike for great portability.

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 74 × 37 × 71 cm
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